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My name is Jason Williams.  My dad (Ron) started programming in technical school at The Automation Institute Columbus, Ohio in1967. He took a Computer Programming and Operations class. The computers he used were an IBM 360/20 and 360/30 and unit record equipment. In 1968 he started college at The Ohio University in Athens. His course of study was: Computer Science, Business, Quantitative Methods and Psychology. Computers used: IBM 1130 and 360/44.

Ron started teaching at Mata College in Columbus, Ohio in 1970.  He was the Asst. Director of Training. He taught computer programming and operations using an IBM 360/30, 360/20, and an IBM 1130. Languages taught: RPG; COBOL; Assembler; and FORTRAN. Over the course of the next several years Ron taught at the Adult Education Center in Columbus and Eastland Joint Vocational School in Groveport.

From 1974-1978 Ron held the Lead Programmer, Analyst position at Thriftway - Sav-All. Thriftway is a grocery, drug store chain. During his employment he was involved in a wide range of applications and responsibilities. He completely developed their payroll system; created a rolodex system which formulated retails for all of their prescription items; developed movement and gross profit systems for both companies; developed a system to monitor all of the bad checks that were accepted at the stores; developed price check systems; and a multitude of inventories. He also played a major role in two hardware conversions. First was a conversion from an IBM 360/20 to a NCR Century 101. The second was to a Univac 9030. He was involved in implementing on-line CRT systems, remote batch processing, and 2780 emulation with an IBM 370 host. Languages used were: RPG2; COBOL; and Assembler.

 In 1978 my father started his computer business and moved back to Newark. The first help wanted ad he responded to was for the Consolidated Computer Center a company created to handle Park National Bank’s data processing. He started getting work to help Park National Bank customers with their computer needs. His first account was Enterprise Gas & Oil his second was Walker and Battat Ford and then Contour Forming. After that he got involved in the United Way of Licking County which led to many other social service agencies: Board of Elections, Licking County Aging Program, Bureau of Child Support etc… Through his social service contacts he met Mr Criss from Criss Brothers Funeral Home. Who he helped to automate Assured Protection a funeral trust company which was managed by Park National Bank’s Trust Department. Additionally from his social service work, he gained Heisey Glass as a customer. All in all around 30 of his 100 customers came from his association with Park National. As a teenager I learned computers from my father working on these local companies software needs.

Ron's Start in business

My dad started his work life when he was still a kid. He was eight when he got his paper route. I have heard some good stories from the route; like the dog that had no teeth but still enjoyed eating paperboys. I was a paperboy too. It was a fun way to meet people and make some money.

When Ron turned 12 he went to work for GL Ghiloni and Sons. Gulio Ghiloni is my paternal great grandfather. I don's share his ancestry or his name but I got his stories. My great grandfather (John Williams) didn't have a chance to build a life long list of accomplishments. He died when he was 21 from appendicitis. He played baseball for the Pirates farm team. He married a beautiful girl (Marcela Kercher) and left behind three children Ralph, John, Rosella. After John died Marcela married Gulio Ghiloni and had eight more kids: Dick, Leo, Marcela (Meme), Eugene (Ding),  Rita, Sis, Art, and Bob. During this time she was known as mom but it wouldn't last. She soon became Grandma Ghiloni. I have no idea how many cousins I have but at her 80th birthday party the cake had over 200 names on it.     


Ok, Jason just talked about me. Now I'm going to discuss Jason and Ralph (my son and father). Coming soon.






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